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February 18
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KH Come to the Library by Mamiru KH Come to the Library by Mamiru
They say if you love something let it go... Knowing this Luther traveled up to one of the castle libraries late at night, cradling a golden cage in his arms. He looked at them with a melancholy sort of love. Then he opened the cage door and let out a beautiful storm of colors. As they rose into the air Luther muttered "Goodbye butterflies, you were the one thing I truly loved." /SMACKED

For :iconkawaiihomos:'s Valentine's exchange! :heart:
I'M SO SORRY I WAS YOUR VALENTINE THIS YEAR :iconastroaxus: /SOBS IT'S SO LATE IM SO SORRY I HOPE YOU CAN FORGIVE ME :iconsawbplz: The idea was a lot more challenging than I expected, and then all that time I was in California, although It was worth it to see your lovely faces~! :iconheplz:

I had a lot of fun with it though! Even though I haven't done something this hard in awhile, and it looks pretty poop-y as a result. Also gomen it's not more happy cheery lovey dovey Valentines-esque, It was supposed to be.... But then it just sort of turned out....Like this. :iconming3plz:
astroaxus Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2014
AHHHHH JKFHAGKJHAGKJAHSGKJHSA :iconwomanweepplz: OH MY GOHHAKJFHGKAJHGAS I was WONDERING WHO MY SV WAS AND IT WAS KILLING ME INSIDE AND JHKGAKDJHAS I had a feeling it was you because you were acting so suspicious about it the whole time with me :iconheplz: AJFHGKJAHS BUT ANYWAY AHHHHH SOBS DON'T WORRY BBY you had so much to do and your schedule was just so crazy I HOPE EVERYTHING WENT WELL :iconsawbplz: BUT THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND JESUS HOLY CHRIST KJHAGDKHGAJSKSA literally how in god's name did you do ANYTHING. Like the book shelf like HOW MANY DETAILS WAS I-- AND THE STAIRS AND CHAIR ITSELF AND THe ButTERFliES HoLy ChRIST not to mention LUTHER HIMSELF I JUST WHATJKHGKSJAHSA and lighting hoW HOW I -- CAN'T COMPREHEND ANYTHING AFJKHGKJAS DUDE

I can imagine how difficult it must've been for you, and from what you said too, because this is so crazy in terms of composition and lighting and just EVERYTHING WOW AKFHJGKJAS THANK YOU SO MUCH also SMACKS YOU FOR THE BIT OF WRITING SCUSE YOU WHAT ARE YOU ACCUSING LUTHER OF JHAFGJKAS

BUT GOSH HE LOOKS SO HANDSOME AND the wrinkels and the COLORS AND i JuST JHGADKJHAS :iconlazepoolplz: I can't ajshfgkjashd thank you SO MUCH MAMI I LOVE IT KJHAFGKJHAS Q A QQQQQQQQQQQQQ THANK YOU FJKHGAKJHSA /HUGS YOU TO DEATH I hope you had an AMAZING Valentine's Day!!!!!
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